Coronavirus Crisis Care



COVID-19 Crisis Care Project

CAM’s CORONAVIRUS CRISIS CARE project is responding to the huge physical and spiritual needs and opportunities since COVID-19. We have received requests for aid from more than fifty-five countries, including the United States. The requests are usually a cry for food. Areas of the world that were impoverished before the pandemic are suffering more than ever since the coronavirus economic impact.

Coronavirus Crisis Care Project

Current Needs

  • Emergency food aid for needy people in more than thirty-five countries where people have lost their jobs or are quarantined.
  • Soap, disinfectant, hygiene kits, and other preventive supplies for poverty-stricken areas like Kenya, Liberia, war-torn Yemen, and refugee camps in the Middle East.
  • Christian literature in various languages with a message of hope to point people to Jesus.
  • Gospel billboard messages in our nation’s largest cities designed to bring comfort and encouragement by pointing people to Christ.
  • Food parcels for people in America’s inner cities and other low-income areas.