Coronavirus Crisis Care



Coronavirus in Egypt

Coronavirus in Egypt

Coronavirus in Egypt resulted in a lockdown like the rest of the world. Egypt’s lockdown was shorter, but the country was in no condition for a setback.

COVID-19 Crisis Care Project

CAM’s CORONAVIRUS CRISIS CARE project is responding to the huge physical and spiritual needs and opportunities since COVID-19. We have received requests for aid from more than fifty-five countries, including the United States. The requests are usually a cry for food. Areas of the world that were impoverished before the pandemic are suffering more than ever since the coronavirus economic impact.

Coronavirus Crisis Care Project

Current Needs

  • Emergency food aid for needy people in more than thirty-five countries where people have lost their jobs or are quarantined.
  • Soap, disinfectant, hygiene kits, and other preventive supplies for poverty-stricken areas like Kenya, Liberia, war-torn Yemen, and refugee camps in the Middle East.
  • Christian literature in various languages with a message of hope to point people to Jesus.
  • Gospel billboard messages in our nation’s largest cities designed to bring comfort and encouragement by pointing people to Christ.
  • Food parcels for people in America’s inner cities and other low-income areas.

Make masks for medical workers

Christian Aid Ministries is attempting to help meet the demand for face masks in places where they are required. See the cloth mask instructions if you want to get involved. Most of these masks will be sent to people in other countries.

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Coronavirus Crisis Care Project