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100,000 Blankets for the Poor

Winter is coming and tens of thousands of people in many of the world’s poorer countries are ill prepared. They have been seriously impacted by government-mandated lockdowns in response to COVID-19. Even though these lockdowns have eased in many places, the economic damage continues.

Millions of day laborers and migrant workers—who work today so they can eat tomorrow—have been affected the most. They not only lack money for food, but they also cannot afford to buy blankets and warm clothes as winter approaches. Many will suffer from cold, and some undoubtedly will freeze to death. Our contacts are requesting thousands of blankets to help these people prepare for the coming winter.

Although we ship thousands of donated comforters around the world, we are not able to ship into many countries, even if we had enough comforters. In these countries, we provide funds to purchase blankets to distribute to the needy. The delivered price of a good, warm blanket bought directly from the factory is about $25.  

It is hard for us to imagine that someone could not afford a $25 blanket to keep warm in the wintertime. But if you made only a few dollars a day, and now have no job and struggle to provide food and other necessities, a blanket can become an unaffordable luxury. A blanket might even make the difference between staying alive or freezing to death this winter. In response to the requests we have received, it would be wonderful if we could supply blankets to 100,000 needy people!

One of the most unique times in modern history

The COVID-19 pandemic is a unique time in modern history. Seldom, if ever, has there been a time when the whole world was impacted by an emergency at the same time. All over the world, people are in
great distress.

This is also a confusing time. Economic forecasters have struggled to make accurate predictions. While tens of millions across the globe suffer financially, business in many of our Amish and Mennonite communities is booming and the thought of hunger seems far away. But even here in the USA, rising wealth in some places coincides with longer lines at food banks in other places.

Across the world, the pandemic has crippled economies, disrupted supply chains, reduced purchasing power, and increased food prices. Even a high ranking official at the World Health Organization remarked about the damage created by lockdowns, especially among poorer populations. “Lockdowns . . . have one consequence that you must never, ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.”

One of our overseas Anabaptist contacts wrote, “Our hearts break for the displaced who do not have access to food unless friends manage to get money to them somehow. Lord, we cry for your mercy on this land!”

In addition to blankets, the need for food is endless. If you wish to help supply blankets or food, your gift will be deeply appreciated.