Kazakhstan’s, Christian Aid Minstries
Recipients in Kazakhstan unpack food they received through Coronavirus Crisis Care.

Aid for Kazakhstan’s most vulnerable

Many people used to have work, but because of the pandemic they have lost that one opportunity to make some money,” shared a contact inside Kazakhstan. “The situation is getting worse every month.” Even under normal circumstances, Kazakhstan’s villagers find it hard to provide for themselves. Coronavirus restrictions have compounded this problem.

Coronavirus Crisis Care funding needs

2021 budget goal $12,750,000
Funds still needed $3,000,000
Budget is subject to change as other needs and opportunities arise.

With such great needs, how do we decide who to help? Our contacts in Kazakhstan focused on supporting large families, parents with handicapped children, and homes where the husband died or abandoned the family. They also assisted migrants from Uzbekistan stranded in Kazakhstan due to quarantine requirements. Those who distributed this aid wrote, “We praise God that we could not only help people, but also tell them the Gospel.”

Suffering from COVID-19 fallout is acute in many countries. Your generosity, supporters, is a blessing to thousands of hungry, lonely, and despairing people. God bless you!