Central Asia, Christian Aid Ministries

CAM provides food in Central Asia following coronavirus

CAM is providing aid for a country in Central Asia where more than nine million people needed assistance before the coronavirus pandemic. Conflict and natural disasters displaced hundreds of thousands in this country and killed over 100,000. Now, coronavirus restrictions raise fears for those who already faced a food shortage. To help meet the needs of those suffering from the lockdown, CAM provides food in Central Asia to the people deeply affected by the lockdown.

Forced to beg

Asal,* a widowed food recipient, lost her husband three years ago when he was killed by a car bomb. Now she supports her five children on her own. Asal previously worked as a seamstress at a tailoring school, but she lost her job after the government enforced the lockdown.

Asal’s income was only enough to cover the basic expenses of her family. After losing her job, she needed to beg for food, but many times returned home empty-handed. For several weeks, Asal’s children didn’t have enough to eat. She said, “My small boys were crying for food all night, and I too was crying, because it was so difficult for me as a mother to hear them crying for food.”

When Asal received a food parcel, hygiene items, and face masks provided by CAM, her heart overflowed with joy. She shared, “Thank you so much for the wonderful help you provided . . . please continue to help us and save the lives of the poor in [this country], especially children.”

Risking danger to find food

Badih, another food recipient, was beaten by the police when he left his home during lockdown to search for a job. Badih is the sole breadwinner for his mother and three younger siblings since his father passed away. He said, “When we don’t work, we have no money to feed our families for more than a week.”

At the beginning of the lockdown, Badih sold his bicycle for some money to buy food. Eventually, he began to sell more items, but soon he had few things of value left. Badih tried to get a loan from relatives and friends but many of them faced similar challenges.

After Badih and his family went three days without eating, hunger drove him to the market again despite his fear of being caught by police. But when Badih got there, everything was closed. He noticed people coming and going from a nearby clinic and decided to ask for help. The clinic employees listened to Badih’s story and helped him sign up for a food parcel provided by CAM.

A parcel with flour, beans, tea, and other items lifts the burden for Badih and many other needy people in this country providing for their families in dangerous circumstances. Badih shares, “I am so thankful we received a [food parcel], because it provides many things a family needs. Thank you very much for saving our lives and the lives of many other people.”

We are grateful to you, our supporters, who continue enabling us to respond to these needs. God’s blessing and your faithfulness enable CAM to respond to those suffering from hunger resulting from coronavirus. CAM provides food in Central Asia and around forty other countries affected by coronavirus. We are also providing other urgent aid as needs arise.