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Project Update: Coronavirus CRISIS CARE

Monday, April 6, 8:50AM

In response to the coronavirus crisis affecting billions of people around the world, CAM is responding to some of the many requests for assistance we have received. More requests are coming all the time. It now looks like these requests could well total millions of dollars before the effects of this pandemic are over. This post is to update you on projects that are being planned or already happening.

Pennsylvania food bank

CAM donated 10,000 cans of meat to Blessings of Hope, a Pennsylvania food pantry that is packaging food for needy people in inner cities.

Food kitchen in Akron, Ohio

In a joint project with the Old Order Amish, CAM is serving food at a drive-through/walk-through lunch stand in a needy area of Akron, Ohio. On the first day of operation, March 31, the volunteers served 396 meals. On day two, April 1, they served 510 meals with a number of meals being delivered elsewhere. Christian literature is also distributed with the food.

Billboard Evangelism

Six hundred 10’x22’ billboards will be going up in four major U.S. cities – New York City, Chicago, San Diego, and Miami. These will start being posted on Monday, April 6. The billboards will have three messages:

Anxious? Jesus offers rest. 
Concerned? Jesus can be trusted. 
Worried? Jesus offers security.

Romania – bread and milk

CAM staff in Romania are working on a project to provide bread and milk for elderly people who are alone, as well as for some orphanages on CAM’s Milk-for-Many-Mouths program. Christian literature will also be distributed. This project has a three-month time frame.

Bethlehem project – West Bank and Jerusalem

We are providing funds for food parcels, infant formula, children’s diapers, and medicines for needy people, including the elderly. Some of these items recently went to a handicapped children’s home that had their support cut off from Italy.


Contacts in Kenya are setting up handwashing stations. Disinfectants and hand sanitizer will also be available, as well as educational materials on proper sanitation processes.


Several projects will be happening in Haiti. These will include: purchasing food for distribution, a water storage building project, and distributions of Christian literature, Bibles, and hygiene kits.


We plan to distribute 500 food packages on a weekly basis to the elderly and needy who find themselves cut off from food and medical supplies.


Contacts in Turkey will provide food primarily for Syrian refugees and possibly some for needy Turkish families. The amount and type of food will vary according to family size.

If you wish to help support the CORONAVIRUS CRISIS CARE project, your support will be a blessing. Pray for us as we consider requests for help that are coming in from around the world.


Update: Launch of Coronavirus CRISIS CARE

Tuesday, March 24, 8:03AM

CAM is introducing a CORONAVIRUS CRISIS CARE project. This is to respond to the increasing number of physical and spiritual needs and opportunities coming to our attention from the poorer areas of the world, as well as the United States, as a result of this pandemic.

Impoverished countries with minimal healthcare provisions will no doubt experience the worst effects. Our contacts in Egypt have grave concerns about the impact of the virus, which has already started to spread in the country. “If and when the virus reaches the poor villages, it will be a disaster,” they shared. “This is due to the lack of awareness on how to conduct themselves during this pandemic . . . and the lack of basic needs such as clean water. Impoverished people are working on a daily wage basis and cannot afford to stay home. More than once, I heard people say they’d rather die from the virus infection than from starvation!”

In Haiti, several people have recently been diagnosed with coronavirus. President Moise has instructed people to stay home and ordered most businesses, including outdoor food markets, to shut down. Haitians were already in a desperate situation from the recent political upheaval. Now they will no doubt face even greater hardships as most of them do not have a supply of food on hand for hard times. If they lose their jobs, it will be hard for many to even hope for a steady income in the near future.

Pray for us as we seek to show Christ in this time of need. So far, some of these needs are:
• Medicines, medical supplies, and medical care in places of the world where health systems are often woefully inadequate due to poverty and conflict.
• Emergency food aid to needy people in places like Haiti, Egypt, and Bethlehem who have lost their jobs or are quarantined.
• Soap, disinfectant, and other preventive supplies for war-torn Yemen and refugee camps in the Middle East.
• Christian literature in various languages with a message of hope that points people to Jesus.
• Special Gospel billboard messages in our nation’s largest cities to bring comfort and encouragement by pointing people to Christ.
The plans in this list are still in development, and undoubtedly many more needs and opportunities will surface in the coming weeks. The cost of the needs and opportunities of the CORONAVIRUS CRISIS CARE project is estimated to be $2,500,000-$5,000,000. If you wish to help during this time of special need and opportunity, your gift will be a great blessing.


Coronavirus Crisis

Friday, March 20, 3:23PM

We live in unusual times, with much of the world in fear and turmoil. As of this writing, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) that originated from Wuhan, China, is spreading fast. It has now appeared in all 50 states and 166 countries, and killed thousands of people. Nearly every day brings new announcements from our government, some resulting in shocking changes. What really is this coronavirus scare? Is it just another Y2K (where the world was also afraid but not much happened) or is it a cataclysmic 9/11-type event (where a large number of people died)?

Government authorities everywhere are feverishly working under the assumption of the worst, since they dare not do otherwise. This is resulting in fear and uncertainty for millions of people in the United States and many other countries. However, as God’s children, we have a steadfast hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

While the coronavirus outbreak came suddenly and caught the world by surprise, we can be confident God was not caught off guard. God is as faithful and powerful as always. We know He can make good things out of bad. Is He maybe allowing this virus to give millions of people another chance to think and hear about God and prepare to meet Him? Most people will likely escape the coronavirus, but no one will miss their appointment with God.

Jesus came to this earth to suffer and to die so we can live. He rose from the grave, ascended, and went back to heaven. As Christians, we are Jesus’ hands and feet on this earth. Instead of cowering in fear, let us seize this moment to think and pray about how we can use this special time of opportunity to point others to the Savior. He is in control, not only of the coronavirus scare, but of the whole world.

CAM is exploring ways to respond to physical and spiritual needs in the USA and abroad, resulting from the pandemic. Pray for us as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this time of need. We will keep you posted as this project develops.

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