Coronavirus in Egypt resulted in a lockdown like much of the world. Egypt’s lockdown was shorter than some countries, but the country was in no condition for a setback. Egyptians were already familiar with poverty.

Recently our contacts met Rachel* when they were searching for the most vulnerable suffering from hunger. Rachel said, “I have no husband, no children. How did you know about me and find where I live?”

Our contacts told Rachel that God sent them to give her a food package.

“Can God see me?” Rachel wondered. “Does He know me? There is no one who knows who I am, where I live, or what I need.”

Rachel wept when our contact told her that God knows her by name, He remembers her, and He loves her.

Your support makes a difference!

Rachel is one of thousands affected by the coronavirus in Egypt and other countries. So far, CAM received requests for help from sixty-two countries. Most of the requests are pleas for food. Your support is life sustaining for people experiencing hunger.

Your prayers are also vital in meeting the many needs. Please pray that God would give us wisdom to know who and how to help. Pray also that people in desperate situations would cling to the hope of Christ during these difficult times.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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