COVID, Christian Aid Ministries
Children in India return home after a food distribution.

COVID projects in Asia

Asia is reeling from a far-reaching outbreak of COVID. During the recent spike in India, one of our contacts wrote, “It’s like the Egyptian times of Pharaoh . . . [death] in every family, death bells, and ambulances ringing.”

In recent months, restrictions and lockdowns in some places were at a level like never before. The resulting economic downturn leaves an increasing number of families with major food shortages. CAM has received a new surge of requests for help.

In a restricted country in Asia, the government is giving out food, but Christians are turned away. These believers are in great need! In the same location, God is using the crisis to draw people to Himself. “They are in need of Bibles,” report our contacts. “There is hunger for Biblical teaching.”

CAM is working to provide much-needed food, hygiene supplies, and other humanitarian aid. We also provide Bibles in some cases. Your support is an answer to prayer for desperate people in various Asian countries.