food crisis, Christian Aid Minstries
A woman returns to her home after a food distribution in Turkey.

Food crisis continues

A Coronavirus Crisis Care food recipient in Central Asia wrote, “Many times we did not have food and sometimes we ate dry bread with water. Your distribution will save our lives from hunger.”

Coronavirus Crisis Care funding needs

2021 budget goal $12,750,000
Funds still needed $2,390,000
Budget is subject to change as other needs and opportunities arise.

In recent months, global food prices were up thirty-three percent from a year earlier, according to a report from Bloomberg Business. The report stated that food is more expensive now than in almost any other time in the past sixty years. As people face loss of employment and looming food costs, your support is an answer to prayer.

In September, we received this notice from a restricted country: “We are in a total lockdown, and the situation is very tough. Many people die and many can’t even go out to buy food. There is no work.” Our contacts in this country provided food for 400 families. Through the love of Christ shown through believers, numerous people turned from their false religion to follow Jesus.