Food kitchen, Christian Aid Ministries
Food kitchen volunteers prepare meals for people in Columbus, Ohio.

Food kitchen in Ohio cities

Christian Aid Ministries, along with the local Old Order Amish, is operating a food kitchen to serve hot meals to people in low-income cities of Ohio. People from these cities who were living on a low income before the pandemic find themselves in a crisis. Some lived from paycheck to paycheck and rarely had food in the house that would last longer than two days. Now many of them lost their jobs.

Food kitchen, Christian Aid Ministries
Volunteers provide a hot meal to these children in Canton, Ohio.

At times people arrive at the food kitchen half an hour before serving time, anxious for a good meal. Even children arrive by themselves to get a plate of food. One young boy who came to the food kitchen for a meal appeared like he was living on the streets. A staff member shared, “It’s so touching.”

The food kitchen staff and volunteers often work with locals to take meals to elderly people in the area who are unable to leave their homes. Some of the elderly find it difficult to even walk to the door, but they are overjoyed to see someone brought them a plate of food.

“Show us something to prove there is a God.”

The Christian literature our staff and volunteers distribute and the interactions they have with food recipients are as vital as the food itself. One staff member said, “The people were depressed. Some to the point of crying, and some just not knowing which way to go.” He commented that before this pandemic many people claimed they are going to heaven. Now they aren’t sure and are taking a serious look at their lives. Others are angry at life or know little about God.

Food kitchen, Christian Aid Ministries
Hundreds of meals were distributed to people who came through this drive-through in Columbus, Ohio.

One man and woman who lost their jobs were extremely upset when they visited the food kitchen. They said, “Show us something to prove there is a God.” Our staff and volunteers took the time to talk about God and share Christian literature with them.

Food kitchen, Christian Aid Ministries
Volunteers pray with a resident in Wooster, Ohio.

Another young man said he never heard of God but knew He must exist somewhere. He eagerly accepted a Bible and listened to a staff member share about Jesus.

Our goal is to continue reaching out to our neighbors in the U.S. and the needy in other parts of the world who are affected by coronavirus. If you would like to help in this work, click the button below.