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Food parcels for people in American inner cities

American inner cities are bracing themselves for what could be a critical food shortage from the COVID-19 pandemic. As restrictions and stay-at-home orders increase, food manufacturers lack enough employees to process, deliver, and unpack groceries. Some food chains have already started rationing items.

People in American inner cities who were living on low incomes before the pandemic are the first to be affected by this deficiency. Many have lost their jobs and struggle to afford food, which is increasing in price from the shortage.

Various Anabaptist groups who work in inner cities have expressed a need for food to help those in need. CAM is working to acquire food items in the midst of the shortage to distribute around 10,000 food parcels to families and individuals in inner cities. Along with the parcels, we plan to include Christian literature to offer much-needed encouragement and spiritual nourishment.