cup of rice, Christian AId Ministries
This couple and their seven children suffer from physical handicaps. After giving food to them our contacts shared, “They said God is really so good and does not forget them.”

One cup of rice

God used food distributions to show His love in Madagascar, an island off the East African coast. A mother of two, whose husband is unemployed, said, “Last week I told my children that we only had one cup of rice left to cook. I had no idea what we would eat this coming month. Yesterday, when we got your phone call telling us to come get our [food aid], we could hardly believe it was true! Thank you so much for being God’s instrument to touch our lives just in our deepest need.”

The long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as spiking food prices, limited jobs, and economic fallout, continue to bring suffering in many nations like Madagascar. In some cases, hopelessness and starvation are realities to the impoverished. Your generosity enables us to respond to needs and requests during this unique time. Thank you!