worldwide coronavirus, Christian Aid Ministries
These women from Nepal had no food to eat until CAM gave them a food parcel.

Voices from worldwide coronavirus effects

The economic ripples from coronavirus had no limit as it crossed boarders into both prosperous and impoverished countries. The worldwide coronavirus effects impact most people, but those living in needy countries face extreme hardship. Starvation is the number one fear for many families living in places where most people can’t eat unless they have daily work.

Here are some of the voices expressing their desperate situation or thanks for food.

“You probably can’t imagine what relief CAM has made possible to thousands of poor families not knowing how to pay for food the following week!” —Asia

“. . . my family had not had food for three days . . . Thank you very much for saving our lives and the lives of many other people.” —Afghanistan

“The security and economic situations are getting worse. Many businesses, much more than originally anticipated, have declared bankruptcy. Unemployment is at all-time high.” —Lebanon

“I wish there was some way to pass on to each of the givers even half of the blessing and thanks expressed by hundreds of grateful people who have been able to eat because someone else gave.” —Turkey

“The people are desperate for food. When we give them rice, they call it gold dust.” —Liberia

“My granddaughter and I have been sleeping with empty stomachs and have been experiencing the great pain of hunger. And today we are very much excited to receive the gift of food and a Bible from you.” —Malawi

Opportunity in the midst of the crisis

The uncertainty of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic caused many people to think of afterlife and their relationship with God. People are eager for solid truth and the peace that comes from Christ. CAM seeks to provide Christian literature to people who are hungry for the Gospel during this time. Some of our contacts and recipients said:

“One long-term need I can see will be for more Bibles, as across Asia many thousands are coming to the Lord because of this.” —Asia

“Praise the Lord for ten families that accepted Christ as their Savior when they experienced the love of God. . . . When our pastor visited a very poor family, one person repented and believed in Christ. He then led all his children and grandchildren to the Lord.” —Vietnam

“. . . this Bible also will be helping me and my grandson to study the Word of God and grow in our spiritual life.” —Malawi

worldwide coronavirus, Christian Aid Ministries
This family in the Middle East received a food parcel in a time of need.

Would you like to help?

If you would like to help provide food for people suffering from hunger, or Christian literature to people longing for truth. So far, the Coronavirus Crisis Care program is helping people in forty-three countries.