From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a heavy cloud of fear loomed over the world. Lockdowns devastated families who had no way to work. The dilemma of rising food prices created additional stress, especially in struggling countries like Tajikistan. Your outpouring of generosity has enabled CAM to provide food and other aid to distressed families in Tajikistan and nearly 60 other countries.

“We would like to thank you for the timely aid you have given to needy Christians during the pandemic, which spread over the entire world,” wrote believers in Tajikistan who were helped. “We had a significant impact from this pandemic. Many brothers and sisters were left without jobs, and in Tajikistan this means there is no hope for existence. One person was already in full distress and panicking. How do we continue living? With what do we feed our families? . . . The problem was a significant one. How wonderful it is to have a living faith in the almighty God under such stressful circumstances. He is good. . . . We deeply appreciate your generous giving.”

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