The Disaster Response Services programs reach out to those suffering in the wake of crises in the United States. Our goal is to minister the love and comfort of Jesus in times of loss and distress. If long-term recovery help is needed in a disaster area, our DRS rebuilding program sets up a base, and we schedule volunteer work teams to rebuild or repair homes. Recipients are those who are underinsured, low-income, and have nowhere else to turn for help. DRS rebuilding projects can last anywhere from several months to several years.

Rapid Response Services Cleanup

When a tornado, hurricane, flood, or wildfire strikes, our 23 Rapid Response teams scattered across the U.S. are equipped and ready to investigate and respond to the damage.

Our goal is to have a Rapid Response team research a disaster within 24 hours and respond with volunteers within 48 hours. Cleanup projects include cutting up fallen trees, clearing debris, mucking out flooded houses, putting tarps on damaged roofs, and more.


Disaster Services


Christian Aid Ministries

House dedication in Florida

Christian Aid Ministries

Rapid Response volunteers clean up debris in Cookeville, Tennessee, after a tornado swept through the area in March 2020.

Christian Aid Ministries


Christian Aid Ministries

Puerto Rico

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