Deadly tornadoes
Tornado damage in Dawson Springs, Kentucky.

Deadly tornadoes hit multiple states

As many as 100 people are feared to have lost their lives in deadly tornadoes that ripped through multiple states late Friday night and early Saturday morning. Part of the weather pattern was a rare quad state tornado that spanned four states and traveled more than 200 miles, affecting Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky. Illinois and Mississippi were also affected by tornadoes.

In Kentucky, a factory completely collapsed with more than 100 people inside. The Kentucky governor stated, “This has been the most devastating tornado event in our state’s history. The devastation is unlike anything I have ever seen…sadly far too many homes that people were likely in, entirely devastated.”

CAM’s Rapid Response team members are investigating needs in Kentucky and Tennessee today. This will undoubtedly result in cleanup projects in various locations. One Rapid Response team member reported “very extensive damage that doesn’t seem to end.” Another team member said, “We are seeing quite a bit of damage—tree damage, roof damage, and structural damage.”

Please pray for the many thousands of people affected by these tornadoes. Pray especially for those who have lost their loved ones and their homes.