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DRS volunteers in Westlake, Louisiana

Finding hope in crisis

Hurricane Laura wreaked damage in Louisiana in August 2020. William* is one homeowner who was affected by the storm. Laura’s terrifying winds flipped his garage roof onto his bedroom, breaking rafters. Rain poured in through the downed roof, caused extensive water damage, and made the house uninhabitable.

After months of remodeling, William was preparing to move back into his home. Then in the spring of 2021, another crisis hit—this time a flood. William visited his home following the flood and could hardly believe what he saw.

Fifteen to eighteen inches of water had flooded his home, leaving a mess of mud and mold. William had no money for repairs. He didn’t know where to start. Discouraged, he closed his house door and left.

William found a number for CAM’s Disaster Response Services (DRS) and called, asking for help. He said that, even if DRS couldn’t help repair his home, he needed someone to look at his house and advise him what to do. CAM was able to help by gutting his house and spraying for mold.

William is one of hundreds of homeowners who doesn’t know where to turn when crisis strikes. So how does CAM help in the wake of disasters? Following tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or fires in the United States, our Rapid Response teams investigate and respond to damage. Their work includes cutting up fallen trees, clearing debris, mucking out houses, and tarping damaged roofs. If a disaster area requires long-term recovery help, our DRS rebuilding program may set up a base. Volunteer work teams come to the base to repair or rebuild homes.

Many DRS recipients are underinsured, have low incomes, and don’t know how to move forward after a crisis. We desire to point these people to peace and refuge in the Lord.

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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