Hurricane Ian flood waters, Christian Aid Ministries
Hurricane Ian Aftermath in North Port, Florida

Hurricane Ian flood waters devastate Florida

Hurricane Ian proved to be one of the most devastating storms in the U.S. with historic flooding and strong winds. The Florida governor described the storm as a “500-year flooding event” after it barreled into his state. Many residents waited to be rescued from Hurricane Ian flood waters as streets turned into rivers. Government rescue works freed people from their attics and rooftops. The death toll is still unknown but is on the rise.

The hurricane reduced to a tropical storm while on its way to the Carolinas and Georgia, but the 75 mph winds and drenching rain are still hazardous. Many people in the southern states are still at risk of major loss as the storm continues, while the damage Hurricane Ian left behind in Florida is heartbreaking to the people who lost most of their belongings.

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Yesterday, our Rapid Response team started researching needs in Sarasota and Fort Myers. Our team plans to investigate several other cities that are still under water. As soon as the Hurricane Ian flood waters recede, our team members plan to visit those areas to research the damages. At this point, the extent of the potential cleanup project is unclear.

Thank you for your support and concern for the people in Florida. Please continue to pray for the thousands of people reeling in the aftermath of the storm or are still weathering the winds and rain.

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