A flash flood forced our DRS staff in San Marcos, Texas, to evacuate on October 29. We had set up base there because of the severe flooding that hit the area in May. The area was once again hit with the same kind of disaster. Only this time, our staff experienced in part what the people they were helping had gone through only months before.

Both bunk trailers at our base floated off the ground, and several other trailers had water in them. “We had 32 inches of water in the base,” wrote DRS staff member Rachel Schrock. “There were about two inches of slippery, slimy mud on the floor. The furniture had floated around. We thought about things that were missing that obviously floated away. We felt rather overwhelmed.”

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and staff, most of the mess and mud was cleaned up within several days. DRS staff and volunteers are back at work, rebuilding and repairing homes that were damaged or destroyed by the floods in the San Marcos area.

Please pray for our DRS staff and volunteers as they minister in Jesus’ name to people who struggle through the losses and pain of a natural disaster.

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