Hurricane Harvey destruction
CAM volunteers in Florida repair a home for a Hurricane Michael victim.

Hope in the midst of Hurricane Harvey destruction

Kathryn’s* house was already in bad shape before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. The storm damaged her home even more.  Because of the poor condition of her home, Kathryn was not living at home when the hurricane struck.

When she returned to her house almost a week after the storm, mold covered the cabinets and walls from water that had come through the ceiling.

A friend helped Kathryn with the grueling task of cleaning up and gutting her house. Someone installed a new roof on the house. To add to Kathryn’s troubles, a tree fell on her house and smashed the new roof!

While the roof was being fixed the second time, Kathryn’s friend became desperately ill and ended up in the hospital. This left her alone to work on the house. Kathryn didn’t know how to install flooring or fix electrical issues, and she had already used every penny she received from FEMA to repair the house.

“Do you all have a program that helps people finish their work?”

While driving through Beaumont one day, something prompted Kathryn to call a church she had passed. She searched for the number online, dialed it, and asked, “Do you all have a program that helps people finish their work?” She explained her dire situation.

The church that Kathryn called had a program that paid for building materials for homeowners. It was the same church where CAM’s Disaster Response base was stationed. The lady on the phone helped Kathryn sign up for their program and arranged for Disaster Response crews to finish her house. Kathryn said, “I had no way of finishing [the house] by myself . . . There are no words to express how much I appreciate it.”

At Kathryn’s house dedication, her ill friend shared, “God sent [Kathryn] here to find you all and you all helped her out. There are no words that I can tell you thank you enough for everything you all do. Not just for her, but for all these other people.”