effects of deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Ministries

Multi-state tornadoes UPDATE

Citizens of Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and other states continue to grapple with the effects of deadly tornadoes that wreaked devastation last weekend. Hundreds of people have seen their homes and businesses reduced to piles of rubble.

In addition to the destruction, thousands of people are without heating, water, or electrical utilities. Authorities warn that this could last for several weeks or even months.

effects of deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Ministries

Today Rapid Response team members continue investigating needs in various states. They report that the damage they are witnessing is the worst they have ever seen.

At this time, Rapid Response teams are working to assist people with tornado cleanup in southern Kentucky, eastern Arkansas, and northwestern Tennessee.

Please pray for the many people affected by these deadly, multi-state tornadoes. They face weeks of overwhelming questions, loss, and devastation. Pray also for wisdom and compassion for our teams as they seek ways to help.