Update: A week after Hurricane Maria left a path of destruction in Puerto Rico, the situation is looking dismal. In one place that took a direct hit from the hurricane, residents are saying they have been without fresh water for days. Neighbors are sharing food as it rapidly becomes scarce.  

Due to the damage, communication with contacts on the ground has been limited. The airport in San Juan was majorly damaged but is finally starting to operate again. Several of CAM’s Rapid Response team members are planning to arrive in Puerto Rico on Saturday. Pray for them as they investigate needs and explore ways to help.

An emergency management official warned Puerto Ricans that when they see the extent of Hurricane Maria’s damage, they “will find our island destroyed.” Maria, a vicious category 4 storm, blew homes apart, brought a wave of flooding, and wiped out electricity across the entire island.

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory in the Caribbean, on Wednesday. It was the most violent storm to hit the island since 1932. Our staff have been in touch with contacts in Puerto Rico and are investigating ways to help. Although most of CAM’s Rapid Response projects are in the continental United States, we are exploring the possibility of helping with cleanup in Puerto Rico.

Pray for the people of Puerto Rico as they find their way forward following this devastating storm.

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