last weekend’s deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Ministries
Candace’s home

Tornado update: “We still don’t know how we survived”

Candace* and her family are among the thousands affected by last weekend’s deadly tornadoes. She told her story to CAM staff members.

“I have been living in this house for twenty years and never ever had this happen,” Candace said. Her German Shepard dog alerted Candace’s husband of an approaching storm. She and her husband were in their living room and their eleven-month-old grandson in his nursery when the tornado hit with full and sudden fury. Their house has no basement, so Candace and her husband clung to pieces of furniture in their living room.

Terrified that their grandson in the nursery had been killed, Candace’s husband was scared to open the nursery door. He opened it to find that the ceiling had collapsed, raining debris into the room and the crib where their grandson sat. But miraculously, he was unhurt.

last weekend’s deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Ministries
Candace’s grandson survived unharmed in the crib shown here.

“We still don’t know how we survived,” Candace testified.

Rapid Response work continues

Our Rapid Response teams continue reaching out to victims of the deadly tornadoes with cleanup help in Kentucky and Tennessee. Every day, twenty to thirty Rapid Response volunteers come to each cleanup location and help in the destructive aftermath. Our hope is that this help with draw hearts to the peace and refuge found in Christ.

*Name changed to protect identity.