Rapid Response teams are responding to the aftermath of deadly tornadoes last weekend with cleanup help. We are currently working in two locations in Kentucky and two in Tennessee. Staff members also continue to research needs and opportunities in other areas.

Aftermath of deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Minstries

An important part of Rapid Response work is to reach out with Christ’s hope in the midst of loss. Hundreds of people affected by these tornadoes face overwhelming questions like, How do I move forward? Their homes and possessions lie in ruins.

Aftermath of deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Minstries

Other tornado survivors recount the fear they felt as they huddled in their basements and bathtubs, with wind roaring and roofs and walls collapsing around them.

Some people also face the tragic loss of loved ones. At this time, the death toll from the tornadoes exceeds eighty, but the number may climb.

A staff member investigating needs in Kentucky says the destruction is the most widespread damage he has seen in recent years. “It will be a long time before everything is cleaned up,” he said.

Following are several pictures to give you a glimpse of the devastation our staff have encountered.

Aftermath of deadly tornadoes, Christian Aid Minstries

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