Hurricane Laura severely damaged Adam* and Beatrice’s home when it tore across coastal Louisiana in August. It threw two trees on the roof then damaged the interior with drenching rain. Six weeks later, Hurricane Delta further damaged their house.

Adam’s death from COVID-19 complications brought another hardship earlier this year. Shortly before his passing, Adam and Beatrice were relieved to hear that Disaster Response Services volunteers would help them repair their home.

Disaster Response Services funding needs

Funds on hand $2,039,441
2021 budget $2,767,000
Remaining funds needed $727,559

DRS volunteers put a new roof on Beatrice’s house and began replacing sheetrock and trim. Because Adam made the kitchen cabinets in their home, the cabinets and the kitchen layout are dear to Beatrice’s heart.

A DRS staff member said, “A remodel after a hurricane is never exactly the same as the original, but the cabinets—those symbols of [Adam’s] love—will be put back in place, exactly as they were. This is a gift we can give to Beatrice.”

Beatrice will soon move into her restored home. She shared, “I never dreamed that I would be moving back in by myself.”

Thank you, supporters and volunteers, for helping homeowners like Beatrice by sharing Jesus’ love in a practical, hands-on way.

*Names changed to protect identity.

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