SALT Adopt-A-Savings-Group-sponsorship

SALT savings groups meet with their group facilitator every 1-2 weeks and receive 45-60 minutes of spiritual and business teaching from our SALT teaching manual. Each individual also brings a small amount of savings to deposit and, when the group has accumulated enough, loans are issued from this savings pool based on lending terms that the group has established. On average, the size of savings groups range from 20-25 members. $50 per month will pay the in-country costs for each group, including facilitator salary and travel expenses, printing of manuals, and other expenses. Your continued support allows impoverished people to receive teaching and gives them hope for their future. Upon request, sponsors will receive information on the group they are sponsoring, along with an annual scorecard detailing how many meetings they had and the savings they accumulated. Due to varying cycles in the groups, we may have to choose another group for you during the year.

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Monthly Sponsorship

YES, I would like to give monthly gifts to help impoverished people learn to provide for themselves through SALT savings groups. I understand that $50 per month will pay the in-country costs for a group of 20-25 savings group members, the facilitator, travel expenses, manuals, and related expenses.