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CAM’s goal for ministering in the Middle East is to share the love of Jesus with people who inhabit the land of the Bible. Our staff members in Jerusalem distribute food parcels, wheelchairs, income resources, and other aid to needy people in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

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Middle East Ministries

Anwar’s* elderly parents depend on him to take care of them. But living in the Gaza Strip, an area with the highest unemployment rate in the world, makes things hard for Anwar. CAM provided Anwar with a cart and 100 pounds of turmus, a type of beans that are pickled...
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Middle East Ministries

Zahra’s* face lit up with a smile when a CAM staff member brought her a food parcel and took time to visit with her. Zahra, who cannot walk, had received a wheelchair from CAM on a previous visit. Although the physical aid is a tremendous blessing to Zahra, knowing...
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