Spiritual Famine In South Sudan

Years of war and corruption brought widespread poverty to South Sudan, making it one of the poorest countries in the world. Survival is a daily struggle for most Sudanese who live on $1.00 or less per day.

The extreme poverty hinders the spread of Bibles and Christian literature in South Sudan. “Many people simply don’t have Bibles, even pastors and leaders,” reports a CAM contact. Little knowledge or understanding of God’s Word has created a host of strongholds, such as superstition, pagan practices, and witchcraft.

To help meet this pressing need for God’s Word, CAM sends Bibles and Bible story books to South Sudan. We witness again and again the immense need for these items as we press into remote areas where the Gospel has never been shared. With so few Bible materials available, South Sudan is comparable to a closed and restricted country. But unlike many closed and restricted countries, CAM has a wide-open door to bring Bibles and Bible story books into this land.

Our contacts also organize training sessions for national leaders to effectively share Bible stories to reach their own people with the Gospel. These trainings help leaders, many who are not able to read, memorize Bible stories and learn how to present God’s Word to those who are unable to read the Bible for themselves.

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