This program provides for the needs of orphaned, destitute, and abandoned children. A donation of $49 supports one child for a month and helps to provide food, clothing, medicines, and Christian literature. It also covers some schooling costs.

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Monthly Sponsorship

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Heartache and Hope

—From a report by Melissa Wingard, CAM staff member in Liberia Some days the heartbreak of this world squeezes my heart. Aleppo. War. Millions of refugees trying to stay alive. Ebola orphans. Children dying from lack of food. Entire volumes could be written on the...
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Children, Orphan, Liberia


Orphan children in Liberia struggle to survive. Some are taken in by church families or relatives, but life is still not easy. Most Liberian parents make less than $2.50 per day and have a hard time providing sufficient food for their own children. Because of...
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