In the last few weeks, northwest Haiti has received 5.5 inches of rain, sending many Haitians out to their gardens with seeds in hand. A harvest is not guaranteed, but if God continues to send rain, the seeds may sprout. Without a harvest in December, the future looks bleak for Haitians.

This year, Haiti is experiencing what some call its worst drought in ten years. CAM staff began distributing corn and beans on August 25, and approximately 2,000 households have received food. As more food shipments arrive, the distributions will continue.

The Haitians rejoice to have a reliable source of food. They will be eating plenty of cooked corn-flour dough balls with bean sauce, a dish called “boy.”

CAM staff report that Haiti looks a little greener after the few inches of rain that fell, but it will be several months until harvest. Pray with us that God will send more rain so that Haitians who planted can harvest food this winter.

Until then, we will be the hands and feet of Jesus to the poor and hungry in Haiti.