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Earthquake-affected people in Syria try to stay warm.

February 8 UPDATE on Turkey and Syria earthquakes

On the third day since two powerful earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria, needs, death, and suffering continue. Below are some excerpts from a report sent by a contact in Turkey early this morning.

earthquakes, Christian Aid Ministries
Earthquake damage

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,  I want to share some new updates with you. The number of dead has reached more than 7,000 people* and more than 40,000 are injured. Sadly, it will increase. More than 10,000 buildings have collapsed. It is very cold in the region. There are still people waiting to be rescued. Sadly, many people have frozen to death while waiting in the buildings. The earthquake has not only affected city centers and their suburbs, but also far away villages. Because the roads are destroyed and the airport is damaged, it is very hard to reach out to some villages and the people living there. The roads are being repaired slowly. . . . A state of emergency has been declared in ten cities. Thirteen million people are living outside. The electricity and gas are cut off to prevent fire and explosions.  [A pastor] went to his hometown . . . Since he is there, it is very difficult to communicate with him as there is no electricity. He has lost some of his relatives. [He] saw many people dead next to the buildings. Other relatives are staying outside as they are afraid to enter the buildings. There is a shortage of gas. They stay in cars. The weather is very cold, so there is the danger for children to have lung fever. All shops in the area are plundered. Nearly all buildings in the area are destroyed. People sleep on the fields with blankets. [The pastor] is buying coal and distributing it to people so they can warm themselves. . . . In [another town] there is a . . . brother who told us that there is an urgent need for water and food. . . .  The number of people who died is very high . . .  Please continue to pray for our country . . .

We are in communication with contacts in the region to find ways we can help. At this point, we are providing funds for food, heating materials, blankets, and other aid for victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. If you would like to support the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria project, please click below. *This number refers to confirmed deaths in Turkey. In Turkey and Syria combined, the death toll is higher than 11,700 as of February 8.

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