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Schooling brings earthly and eternal gain

 Coptic Christians in Egypt are not born into a life of ease. Many are heirs to poverty fueled by economic problems and pressures because of their Christian identity. The high rate of illiteracy caused by the country’s dysfunctional public schooling system deepens their struggle. Many Coptic Christians grow up without an opportunity to learn to read and understand God’s Word. 

 The Egypt-Sponsor-A-Child program enables children from Coptic Christian homes to attend remedial classes. Here, teachers use hands-on methods and Bible stories to help students grasp reading, writing, and math concepts. After observing a class, a CAM staff person said, “This program has excellent value! . . . The students have lots of energy, but it’s channeled into constructive learning.” 

 Remedial classes are a way to help save Coptic Christians from a lifetime of illiteracy, giving them tools to overcome chronic poverty. But the eternal value is of even greater importance. The ability to read carries God’s truth into their homes, and we pray it brings a glorious harvest!

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