Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, typically has mild winters, but the past few years have been unusually cold. This winter is especially frigid. Most Bangladeshis live in houses not equipped for cold weather.

“During the day they warm themselves in the sun,” our contact in Bangladesh wrote, “but they do not have any protection from the cold at night.” The cold wave has already claimed many lives, especially those of needy, elderly people. Sickness among infants and small children spreads rapidly.

In January, CAM supplied 1,500 warm blankets to needy families in the northern part of the country.

If you wish to help cover the $9,700 cost of this project, please choose from the options below. Funds for this project were borrowed from the general crisis projects fund, but we would like to replace them if possible. If more funds are received than are needed, they will be used for other emergency situations.

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