Breadwinners, Christian Aid Minstries

Giving Ukrainian breadwinners a way to provide

Andrey faced debt and struggled to provide for his wife Elvira and their two children. After finding out about the Family-Self-Support program, he applied for help. Our staff checked out his situation and Andrey was approved for the program. With help from Family-Self-Support, he bought a welder, press, tools, and other equipment to repair transmissions, suspension systems, and engines. Being self-employed gives him more flexibility and allows him to help his church in various ministries.

Andrey’s family is also involved in his business. Andrey works alongside his son, teaching him the value of hard work. His wife and daughter make sure the mechanic shop is clean after the work is done.

Thanks to CAM supporters, Andrey was able to pay off his debts, buy school supplies for his children, and even reach out to other needy people. He is grateful to donors and glorifies God for the big difference this has made for his family.

Shuhrat Kadyrov’s life story is a difficult one. At fourteen years old he repented and committed to follow Christ at a Baptist Bible camp. His parents opposed his beliefs.

Later in life, conflict in Ukraine forced Shuhrat from his hometown. Displaced from home, he needed to rebuild his life from nothing.

Shuhrat opened an outdoor restaurant, selling grilled meat and spaghetti. Using Family-Self-Support funds, he bought a stove, metal table, frying pans, and grill supplies. Now he can provide for his family and is thankful to all who donate to this program. He dreams about developing a Bible camp ministry because he found Jesus through this avenue.Breadwinners, Christian Aid Minstries

In the area of Ukraine where Taras Ninich lives, jobs are hard to find. Breadwinners often travel to foreign countries for work.

Taras decided to start a rabbit farm to provide for his family, although raising rabbits is hard work. Money from CAM’s Family-Self-Support program helped him put a new roof on his barn and buy feeders, cages, and a granulator.

Breadwinners, Christian Aid Minstries

Taras’ business of butchering rabbits and selling the meat allows him to stay home and sustain his family. He and his son work together to feed and care for the rabbits.

The Ninich family is thankful for this opportunity, first to God and then to donors who contribute to the Family-Self-Support program.