Miriam* is a 26-year-old Coptic Christian widow who lives in a remote Egyptian village. An accident claimed the life of her husband and left her to care for their three children with no source of income. As a widow in the Egyptian culture, Miriam has few options of finding work outside her home.

When CAM contacts visited Miriam and saw her difficult circumstances, they prayed with her and agreed to help her. The Family-Self-Support program provided Miriam with a cow to generate some income. She will be able to sell the cow’s milk and any calves that are born. When our staff members visited her a few months after giving her the cow, she said, “I didn’t know what to do, or how to deal with this huge challenge, but now I thank the Lord that He sent you to me.”

I didn’t know what to do, or how to deal with this huge challenge, but now I thank the Lord that He sent you
to me.
—Egyptian widow


When you think about Egypt, you might think of Pharaoh, Moses, and the Israelites who lived in bondage. You might also think of Joseph, whose brothers rejected and sold into slavery.. Today, Egypt is still a land where many people live in bondage. Some are prisoners to their own sins and desperately need the saving knowledge of Jesus to set them free. Others, like Miriam, are in “bondage” to poverty and face overwhelming needs. Many do not know where to turn or who to ask for help.

The Family-Self-Support program helps thousands of people like Miriam find ways to provide a regular income. In places like Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Liberia, Nicaragua, or the Middle East, where jobs are scarce and opportunities limited, this spares families from debt and poverty.

Thank you for giving Miriam and other people a fresh hope of a brighter future!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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