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Nour works hard to help her husband provide for their family.

Self-help resources for needy families in Egypt

Desperately poor families in Egypt are finding ways to provide for themselves through the Family-Self-Support program. One recipient says, “I am very glad for the project. It is better to make money to support our family than to beg for money from others.”

Nour* started a small business to help supplement her husband’s income. He is a construction day laborer and makes around $3.20 a day. Nour bought thirty-five chicks, fed them for a month, then sold them for meat at the market. This venture brought in a profit of $38. Nour then expanded her business by adding ducks, laying hens, and doves to her collection of animals.

Nour’s house serves as both the home and barn. She and her husband have a sitting room, kitchen, and bedroom, as well as a room for chickens, a room for ducks, and a hallway that houses a mechanical chicken plucker.

Nour dreams of further expanding her business by starting a flock of sheep, which will be outside during the day but will spend the nights on the rooftop of their home. This is a common practice. A staff member shared, “I remember . . .  sitting in a house talking with a family, and someone led the sheep in the front door and the whole herd followed the shepherd up several flights of stairs.”

Many Family-Self-Support recipients in Egypt are widows with children in their care. Others have physical handicaps, making it difficult for them to find jobs. Our contacts in Egypt work with local believers to locate those with the greatest needs. They carefully review each prospective case and try to find a project that will work best in the situation. Recipients are required to fund a small percentage of the project, which makes them stakeholders and generally makes the projects more successful.

Supporters’ funds are enabling Egyptian people to escape a cycle of poverty and experience the fulfillment of working to provide. God bless you for sharing!

*Name changed to protect identity.