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Six years ago, Nasir* and his family fled from war, leaving their comfortable home in Syria. Now they call a two-room tent their home, and their former life in Syria feels like a dream. Nasir’s wife shares, “My husband and I . . . remember the good old days in Syria where we were never afraid of not being able to provide for the basic needs of our family.”

Nasir is able to earn a small income during the summer by working in a vineyard. But when winter arrives, he is left without a stable income and struggles tremendously to provide for his family.

God saw Nasir’s plight, and mercifully directed our contacts to his family. Now their life is made easier by a monthly food parcel. Nasir says this parcel makes them feel safe. “I thank God for the monthly parcel,” he says. “As a parent, what is important to me is . . . to provide food and safety for my children.”

To help support the Food-Parcels-for-Syrian-Refugees program, please click below to give a one-time gift or start a monthly sponsorship.

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