crippled, Christian Aid Minstries
Aasimah’s niece treasures powdered milk from her family’s food parcel.

“I was crippled with burden”

“Many times I would wonder what to say to my starving children when they were crying with hunger and unable to sleep at night,” Aasimah* in Syria confided to our contacts. “I had to choose between food or medication.”

Aasimah cares for her three nephews and one niece since their father died and their mother abandoned them. Three of the children suffer from medical conditions—epileptic seizures, post-traumatic stress disorder, and asthma. Their home’s rotten walls and leaking roof compound their misery.

Every time a food parcel arrives at Aasimah’s home, the children dance with joy. “I’m speechless; no one helped me before,” Aasimah said tearfully. “I was crippled with burden until your generous help arrived at my doorstep. My children were given another chance, not only to survive, but also to enjoy life like other children!”

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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