As the civil war in Syria enters its tenth year, millions face extreme need. The war has separated families and left entire communities in ruins. More than half of Syria’s people fled their homes to escape the conflict. Now jobs are scarce because of economic instability. In some countries where they have taken refuge, Syrian refugees are no longer wanted. For many, life is a bleak and difficult struggle.

CAM is supplying food parcels containing essential food and hygiene items for suffering Syrians, bringing a ray of hope in their misery. One recipient says, “We are surely still suffering and facing many challenges, but this food basket helps us continue to live with dignity.”

To help support the Food-Parcels-for-Syrian-Refugees program, please click below to give a one-time gift or start a monthly sponsorship.

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YES, I would like to give monthly donations to help provide food parcels for needy Syrian refugees. I understand that $50 provides one food parcel.

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