On a recent trip to Jordan, CAM staff saw again the needs of Syrian refugees. “Many of these families don’t know where food or money for rent will come from, or if it will come at all,” reported a staff member. “They move from place to place, hoping to find a house with cheaper rent or a house with better conditions than their previous one.”

The huge number of Syrian refugees coming into Jordan has raised the demand for housing, which greatly increases the cost of rent.
One tiny, two-room apartment housed 14 people from four related families. The apartment was furnished with one bed, some mattresses, a cupboard, and a table. “The table is my bed at night,” shared a family member, 27 years old. “But of course I lay a mattress on top of it.”

Our staff also visited a young father who related how he and his family had escaped from their city in Syria through an underground sewage channel. The city had been surrounded by the army for a year and a half, and soldiers patrolled all the exits. Once the family got out of the city through the tunnel, the trip to the Jordanian border took two months. They traveled most of it on foot, walking at night and hiding in olive groves for fear of capture. Though they escaped, the family’s needs are many and they struggle to make ends meet.

“When he thinks of his home country he doesn’t see much hope,” said a staff member who visited with the young father. “Without peace in his homeland he cannot return there, and even if the war would stop, returning home is not appealing. His home is no more. The country is in ruins.”

Pray for CAM staff and contacts as they work to provide food, clothing, and housing essentials for suffering men, women, and children. God’s blessing, their efforts, and your support make this work possible.