Hunger and disease, Christian Aid Minstries
Children excitedly dig through the contents of a food parcel.

Syria’s plight of hunger

Ridwan’s* family lives in Syria where hunger is a problem—a lingering plight for thousands of displaced people. The war in Syria has mostly calmed, but many issues remain unsolved.

Ridwan and his wife have four children ranging from Kashif who is in seventh grade, to three-year-old Nida, who is partially paralyzed and suffers from severe vision impairment. The family lives in a dusty, unfinished building without doors, windows, water, or electricity. Ridwan does not have the income to rent a better home, so they are at the mercy of a kind man who lent them this building. Hunger and disease plague them.

Without water in their home, the family is forced to buy water for drinking and cooking. Rising water prices further strain their financial situation. They have only enough water for their children to bathe about once a month.

Damaged cartilage in Ridwan’s ankle hinders his movement. The condition requires surgery, but he cannot afford an operation. The money he earns from scavenging for items to sell is hardly enough to even buy bread.

CAM contacts in Syria reach out to displaced families across the country. Every month they give Ridwan and his family a food parcel with powdered milk, canned vegetables, and other items. One contact says it fills his heart with joy to see the children happy and cheerful when they receive food.

In recent months, the basic food costs for a family in Syria increased by 40 percent. Spiraling inflation and daily rising prices make milk, cheese, and other nutritious foods a distant dream for vulnerable Syrian families.

Your generosity helps fulfill this dream. Children smile when they see the food provided by supporters. Thank you!

*Names in this article are changed to protect identities.