What if you couldn’t go to school to learn to read and do math? About half of the children in Haiti never learn how to read and write. They dream of going to school someday, but their parents don’t have enough money to pay for schooling. But this dream has come true for more than 8,000 children, because kind people like you give money so they can go to school. If all these children would line up and hold hands, the line would be about two and a half miles long! Let’s visit some of these children at school.

Haitian school

The schoolroom that is made from thatch and sticks allows a gentle breeze to enter. It feels so good after walking to school in the hot sun.

Haitian school

We greet the children with bonjour (boh-zhoor). This means “good morning.” Now it’s time to study. It’s harder to concentrate with visitors, but the children are glad we came!

Haitian school

It’s only 10:00, but it’s time for lunch! Most of the children didn’t have anything to eat yet, so this will help them study better.

Haitian school

You can’t go to school without recess! It’s a lively time of playing soccer, trying to kick the ball between two sticks.

Haitian school

1:00 is here already and school is over! After enthusiastically singing together, we all part ways.

To help support the Haiti-Sponsor-A-Child School Program program, please click below to give a one-time gift or start a monthly sponsorship.

One-time Donation

Monthly Sponsorship

$65 per month helps one group of five children by providing:

  • A warm meal each school day
  • School supplies and textbooks
  • Bible-based training and subsidized pay for the teachers

NOTE: You will receive a photo and the name and birth date of each child you sponsor. You will also receive a photo of the teachers and brief information about the school.