Elderly people in Romania receive a monthly government pension of $100. This is not enough, however, to cover food, utilities, and medicine. If they need to buy medicine or go to the doctor, somebody else has to help pay for it. Winter is the most difficult time of all with the added expense of heating their homes. It takes $300-$500 to heat a small house for the winter.

“In our village, most of the young people have left for bigger towns, or gone abroad to find work,” says Pastor Marcel from Caras-Severin County, Romania. “Elderly people who remain behind often suffer from illness or have very little income. Any help, no matter how little, will be of real use.”

CAM’s Help-for-the-Elderly program provides 25-pound food parcels and $10 cash for about 1,000 recipients in Romania and other countries each month. The food allows them to use their pensions for other necessities, and the cash that comes with the parcel helps them pay for medicine, clothing, and other urgent needs.

Seventy-six-year-old Margareta lives in Vinga Arad County, Romania. Her house is in very poor condition, and she has no children to care for her. Thanks to CAM supporters, Margareta received a comforter, food parcel, and clothes.

Thank you, CAM supporters, for helping meet the needs of neglected elderly people in various countries. Because of your support they can face another day knowing that someone cares about them.