David Flomo in Liberia used to be active and widely known in his area. He was gifted with the ability to organize the whole town if necessary. David worked hard on his farm to provide for his family. But when leprosy took its toll, life became difficult.

The cruel disease started affecting his foot and making David feel miserable and sick. After nine years at a treatment facility, David started feeling better. But the effects of the leprosy had curled his fingers into his palms. His leg needed to be amputated. David was faced with the reality that he would never farm again.

Today, David spends his days in a wheelchair and lives with his oldest daughter, who cares for him since his wife died. For a man who used to be a farmer and knew how to work hard, relying on others to care for him is not easy.

David’s cheerfulness despite his condition is inspiring. Although he has suffered the effects of leprosy for more than thirty years, he still finds a reason to smile. He is grateful for the help of a monthly Help-for-the-Elderly food parcel that contains chicken, cornmeal, beans, soap, and other items. Along with the parcel, David also receives some cash, which he unselfishly uses to buy more food so he and his caretakers can all eat.

Many other elderly people in impoverished countries find life difficult when they become old, blind, or crippled. Many of them have endured much hardship and know little other than poverty. When they are no longer able to work or have no children to care for them, they often find themselves alone, forced to beg or rely on others’ generosity to stay alive.

The gift of a food parcel and ten dollars cash through the Help-for-the-Elderly program gives many of these dear people a reason to smile and ensures them that they will not go hungry. Thank you, supporters, for giving the elderly a tangible reminder of God’s care for them when life is difficult.

To help support the Help-for-the-Elderly program, please click below to give a one-time gift or start a monthly sponsorship.

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$49 provides a 25-pound food parcel and $10 cash or its equivalent in food items for a needy aged person(s)

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