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A chicken and rice meal (Children’s Story)

Shireen* lives with her family in Gaza, a place where life is hard. Some people from Gaza say that living there is almost like a prison. That’s because they cannot travel outside of Gaza. They are stuck inside the area with almost no jobs to make money to buy important things like food and clothes.

Shireen lives in a small house just at the edge of a graveyard. Her family lives in the same house as three other families. Each family has a separate room, but they all share one kitchen. Shireen’s father earns about $2.80 per day by hauling sand and gravel with a horse and cart. Because it would cost that amount just to buy rice, Shireen and her siblings usually have only tea and bread to eat.

But today is different. They will eat chicken and rice! The children are all dressed up and wearing big smiles as they wait at the entrance of the graveyard. They are waiting for the man who brings a big plate of chicken and rice to families who haven’t had any chicken for around six months. What a happy day!

*Name has been changed.