India flood

After the worst monsoon flooding in a century, southwest India is devastated. More than 300 people died and about 1.2 million people were forced from their homes. Many lost all their possessions to the floodwaters and some had their homes washed away by landslides. CAM is working with contacts in India to provide mattresses, blankets, school supplies, and other aid.

Laos flood

Laos, an impoverished communist country in southeast Asia, also experienced severe flooding this summer. A tropical storm caused a dam to burst, wiping out numerous villages downstream. We are working with contacts to provide food, hygiene items, cooking utensils, tarps, and other emergency aid for flood victims.

We don’t understand why crises take place, especially in poverty-stricken areas. But we know that God opens doors during these times to share the love of Jesus by providing aid to the suffering.

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