Two days of nonstop rain and wind in Egypt brought flash floods that wreaked havoc to impoverished villages in the Nile River Valley. The storm received the name Dragon Storm because of its fierceness. An elderly contact from the country said, “Egypt experienced a storm such as I have never seen!”

Egyptians normally experience a desert-like climate and receive rain about twice a year, therefore they are unprepared for such a huge amount of rain. As water rushed toward the Nile, streets turned into rivers. Some people died under the tumbled down debris and others were electrocuted or washed away. Numerous homes built on the sand collapsed. Homes with thatched roofs were soaked through with the rainfall.

Accessing these villages is a challenge with all the washed out roads, but the needs remain urgent as people await shelter. CAM is helping to repair the walls of damaged homes and constructing waterproof roofs. We are also providing food and hygiene items to Egyptians who lost possessions in the flood. If you would like to help people recovering from this storm, your support will be a blessing!

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