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Global displacement hits record high

Global displacement recently reached a staggering 82.4 million. This is more than ever in recorded history.

At a glance

82.4 million people are displaced worldwide. God knows every one of them!

About 23 million children under 12 are displaced. What does the future hold for them?

Violence remains the main reason for Global displacement. Millions of people do not know the Prince of Peace.

Our staff and contacts encounter many opportunities to lend a listening ear and show Jesus’ love to displaced people in various countries. An elderly man in Armenia lost his farm with eighty pigs and some cows when conflict erupted in the area. “We just have to start over again,” he said. Weeping mothers in the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh share stories of brutality and injustice they witnessed while escaping their villages in Myanmar.

As always, God is using difficult circumstances to draw people to Himself. Two brothers from a restricted country fled their home to escape war. As refugees in another country, they surrendered their lives to Jesus. “I was walking in darkness all these years,” one of them shared. “I’m so excited to learn more about Jesus.”