The International Crisis program provides food, medicines, rebuilding help, and other aid following earthquakes, floods, conflict, or other catastrophes. Through this aid, we desire to show the love of Jesus to people in critical need and offer hope after crisis. Following are two recent International Crisis projects.

Flooding in Indonesia

Tropical Cyclone Seroja hit Indonesia in April, triggering devastating flash floods and landslides. Water from overflowing dams flooded entire villages. Many people fled their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs. We provided food packages to flooding victims.

Tribal conflict in South Sudan

Conflict erupted between two tribes in South Sudan after one tribe stole cattle from the other. This turmoil resulted in the deaths of more than twenty people, the wounding of many more, and the destruction of homes. CAM is providing food, medicine, and rebuilding help for those affected by this conflict. In the face of anger and retaliation, we pray this aid will share Christ’s message of forgiveness and provide hope after crisis.

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