Venezuelan economy, Christian Aid Ministries
Packing food parcel bags.

Venezuelan economy still suffers

The collapse of the Venezuelan economy has brought suffering to millions of people. Many flee the country with little more than the clothes on their backs and struggle to obtain even necessities.

Venezuelan economy
Venezuelans wait in line to receive their food package.

To help meet the needs of these desperate people, a CAM-supported food kitchen opened in October 2018 near the Colombia-Venezuela border. The kitchen provided hot, nourishing meals to thousands of refugees fleeing the hopelessness and poverty in their country. Volunteers from North and South America cooked and served meals and shared the Good News of Jesus with the refugees.

Venezuelan economy
A grateful food package recipient.

In March of 2020, the food kitchen closed its doors and transitioned to providing food packages for people living in Venezuela and refugees in Colombia. The recent outbreak of coronavirus increases the struggles of Venezuelans to provide for themselves and their families. One Venezuelan pastor reported of families foraging hillsides for herbs, which they use to make tea to ease their hunger.

In this time of great need, we also see a wonderful opportunity to distribute Bibles, Bible story books, and Christian literature to those whose lives have been shattered. Many feel anxious and fearful, and the need for sound, Biblical material is great! Please pray that the literature distributed would draw people into Christ’s light. Pray also that God would direct us as we seek ways to touch suffering Venezuelans with His hope and love.