CAM’s Jericho Road Program, based in Patrauti, Romania, reaches out to orphans, widows, elderly people, needy families, and school children who have been “left by the wayside.” Most of these people are Gypsies, a socially and economically disadvantaged minority group. Many Gypsies are uneducated and therefore struggle to find steady employment.

The Jericho Road Program sponsors five remedial schools, holds summer Bible school and home Bible studies, and oversees agricultural projects in Gypsy communities. Staff also help to translate and distribute Christian literature and package garden seeds for distribution in Gypsy communities.
In Bahna, Romania, the Jericho Road Program staff recently held a financial seminar for Gypsies who were raising corn. They taught the participants how to utilize their profits and invest wisely. They emphasized the need to use money carefully instead of using it on things that yield no return. The seminar taught members like Zamfir and Milica (pictured) how to better care for their families.

For some Gypsy children, CAM’s remedial schools are the only schools they attend. There they receive their only opportunity to learn basic skills like reading and writing. Illiteracy is common among these people, and if children Saddest of all, they will be unable to read the Bible. don’t attend school, it will be difficult for them to find work and start businesses.

The Jericho Road Program is one way to touch the lives of those Jesus commanded us to love as ourselves.